Top Beauty is Made in Naples

The famous tailoring firm Caesar Attolini labels the timeless elegance of Jep Gambardella, the leading protagonist in the movie directed by Paolo Sorrentino whose role is played by the great actor Toni Servillo.

Rome becomes indifferent and tempting to the eyes of astonished tourists. It’s summertime and the city shines with elusive, ultimate Beauty. Jep Gambardella is sixty-five years old, and his person releases charm that time has left untouched. As a renown journalist, he moves along between top-notch culture and worldliness in a city, Rome, that is ceaselessly a sanctuary of wonder and greatness.

This is the plot of the long-awaited final round of the Neapolitan director, who, once again, has relied on the extraordinary acting skills of Toni Servillo to give life, on the big screen, to the protagonist of his film, Jep Gambardella.

Indeed, regardless of time passing by, such writer and journalist aged sixty-five is capable of unleashing intact charm, standing out between ethical and aesthetic meanness of worldly Rome, through the majestic grandeur of the everlasting settings of the Eternal City.

Fascination is expressed masterfully through his interpretation of Toni Servillo, who moves on the scene with subtle and sophisticated elegance, which seems slow and meaningful.
Such interpretation is supported and valued by the soft style of garments labeled Cesare Attolini.
Suits, jackets, shirts, ties and clutches - garments which have been designed and tailor-made for this occasion by the skillful hands of tailors working at the tailor’s lab of Casalnuovo, on the outskirts of Naples. Clothes were selected by the Neapolitan actor himself and by costume-designer Daniela Ciancio thanks to the ability of the prestigious tailor’s lab to develop high-personality, unique and timelessly refined garments. In that same tailor’s lab, back in 1930, the first Neapolitan jacket was forged.

Selection ranges from an elegant blue evening suit, which Jep wears while he walks at dawn crossing and joining the city’s ethereal beauty, to a white linen, typically summer suit, even worn when the protagonist was portrayed for the Italian poster of the film. And further, he wears jackets having a subtly graceful touch, brightly orange squared, strongly burgundy-colored or, again, with a refined and contemporary Prince of Wales pattern.

It is a great pleasure for the fashion maison Cesare Attolini, glad of matching its brand and its exclusive creations to the highest expression of contemporary Italian cinema.

“We were engaged in this project with great enthusiasm and intellectual support. Cesare Attolini firmly holds in its DNA the strong belief that ethics and aesthetics run on a pathway one must never deviate from in our daily tasks. Using Jep Gambardella’s words in the movie, the world is a place where everything is rooted beneath the chatter and the noise, and traces of true beauty are sparse and inconstant”, states Massimiliano Attolini.

“We are proud to have been selected by Toni Servillo and by the team of costume designers who worked on the movie. This is great opportunity for us to achieve visibility, of course, but also, and most of all, indeed, of pride for having worked with one of the top-notch expressions of nowadays’ Italian cinema, among the most admired protagonists at the Cannes Film Festival. Our pride was so high that we decided to dedicate the upcoming issue of our magazine to the great and eternal beauty that Rome releases, thus fascinating the whole World. We are proudly honored to publish an exclusive interview with the great Toni Servillo”, says Giuseppe Attolini.

Servillo himself, along with the producers Fabio Conversi and Nicola Giuliano, “the outmost expressions of Italian cinema”, will step onto the red carpet for the official presentation of La Grande Bellezza at the Cannes Film Festival wearing tuxedos labeled Cesare Attolini.


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